Simple, natural solutions to protect your harvest.

Say no to insects, spoilage & mold!
With Nox, discover an inovative Modified Atmosphere conservation process suited for modern agriculture.


The new gastight Nox® Big Bags let you keep your harvest under CO₂ -rich atmosphere.

Seed Stations

Discover a new standard in industrial large scale hermetic seed storage.

Approved Conditioners

Join the Nox® global network of approved conditioners, the only one of its kind in the world.

The global post harvest loss issue

  • 14 %

    of the world's crops are lost every year.

  • 10 billions

    tons of raw materials are destroyed.

  • 20 000 tons

    already protected with Nox®! 

A patented solution for storing and transporting your production with peace of mind.

With Nox®, it's simple. Easily store your production in a CO₂-rich modified atmosphere. You quickly eliminate insects, prevent re-infestation and slow product degradation.

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100% organic & food solution

Preservation by CO₂ is a natural process, fully adapted for organic farming. Nox® is designed for organic and adapted for food use.

What action on the product?

Once packaged in a modified atmosphere, the CO₂ preservation and protection mechanism begins.

  • 48 hours
    The CO₂ eliminates adult insects in free forms on the outside of the grains.
  • 20 days
    The CO₂ penetrates the material and eliminates insects in hidden forms (eggs, nymphs & larvae) inside the grains.
  • 2 years
    The Nox® Big Bag enclosure creates a totally hermetic barrier blocking reinfestation and moisture. The CO₂ prevents biological and microbiological degradation (oxidation, bacteria, germination losses).

Tested & validated by professionals

"The increase in CO₂ content in the big bags came to the end of 100% of the adult forms of rice weevils and grain capuchins in just 2 days, regardless of the positioning of the insects in the seina of the grain mass. The level of CO₂ was therefore sufficient at any point in the big bag to generate total mortality of the adult insects."

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We are working for a new standard in agricultural storage and transport.

Preserving agricultural produce in a modified atmosphere is a very old technique, first recorded in the Iron Age. But it wasn't until the 1980s that scientists and agronomists began to take an interest.

Today, the mechanisms of modified atmosphere preservation and post-harvest protection are known and documented.

At Nox, we are convinced that this preservation technique will gradually become the global standard for the storage and transport of agricultural raw materials.

More quality and naturalness for consumers, more confidence and peace of mind for producers.

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